Rick Strobridge

Rick Strobridge

About Nextbridge Exchange

NextbridgeX: the vision for a new online marketplace.

The acquisition of products and services for use in healthcare and clinical research is difficult, inefficient, time consuming and characterized by a lack of transparency.

Regulatory hurdles are prevalent and time consuming to deal with.  These challenges make it extremely difficult for buyers of clinical research and healthcare products and services to effectively identify, compare, evaluate and select the best supplier or suppliers for a given clinical research project or application.

The team at Nextbridge has spent much of the last 20 years creating, implementing and evolving next generation healthcare solutions to improve patient care, as well as driving the clinical validation and approval of medicines and medical devices through the FDA, EMA, CE and other regulatory agencies.

Through this journey we recognized a need for an easy-to-use and comprehensive online marketplace for healthcare and clinical research products and services.  This is the vision for Nextbridgex.

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